Open Source

Here is some open-source projects that I’ve created. All of these are hosted on GitHub.

Bootstrap Columns

Responsive CSS3 Columns with Sass and Bootstrap


A small script for merging M4V chapter files together (for instance, when you have a two-part movie that you’re merging into a single file).


A filtering MySQL-based Mail Delivery Agent written in Python.


EpiscopalDate is a small PHP class with a bunch of static methods for calculating dates and calendars in the Episcopal Church USA (the American branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion). As a Western Christian tradition, many of these functions are suitable for use in other denominations as well.


FRBButtonBar is an button bar implemntation designed to superficially resemble the bevahvior and appearance of the Safari Bookmarks bar.

Nest Watch

A script to take Nest thermostat data and put it into InfluxDB.


petfeedd is a daemon for Raspberry Pi that will feed your pets. :)


PlayerControls is a macOS Cocoa framework that creates a View containing playback controls for media like videos or sounds. It is written in pure Swift 4 and has no dependencies.

This is a jekyll plugin that overrides the built in related_posts function to calculate related posts based on a posts’ categories. This was forked from the original repo that uses tags.


SearchParser is a parser that converts a freeform query into an intermediate object, that can then be converted to query many backends (SQL, ElasticSearch, etc). It includes translators for SQL (using PDO) and Laravel Eloquent ORM. It supports a faceted language search as commonly found on many sites across the web.

Ubuntu PPAs

I maintain a some Ubuntu PPAs for for a few rare pieces of software that are not covered in the main distribution.